Lea Redmond woke up from a nap one day and suddenly had an idea to create a “really ridiculously tiny letter”. So she did, and what began as a “goofy art project” is now a full-fledged business. Redmond runs the World’s Smallest Post Service in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she makes and mails miniature letters, cards, packages, wedding invitations, and other diminutive mailables. For letters, cards, and invitations, a magnifying glass is included in each wee parcel. To ensure the items arrive at their destination safely, Redmond places them in larger, padded envelopes.

When she started the World’s Smallest Post Service in 2008, Redmond set up a roaming office in shops and cafes in the Bay Area and beyond and offered letter transcription services to passers-by. Today, five years later, she still hasn’t tired of sending lilliputian mailings around the world. “They really never get old for me,” she says. “They’re magical and adorable every single day.”