Do you have some unwanted possessions that could still be of use to someone else? Why not trade your stuff on Eborhood? Co-founded by Rajan Babaria, Eborhood is an online platform where neighbors can trade things in a secure environment. And Babaria knows just how important safety is. Some years ago, when he went to pick up a flat screen TV he found on Craigslist, the seller approached him with a knife and demanded cash. Fortunately, Babaria had a bat in his car and was able to fight off the perpetrator. “Most people don’t carry bats, so it’s scary for the average person to deal with strangers via Craigslist,” says Babaria.


On Eborhood, users are verified on multiple levels using national databases so you know who you’re dealing with. In addition, the site suggests meeting in public places and holds any money until the transaction is completed. The world’s first drag and drop trading platform, Eborhood is free to use – there are no posting fees or transaction cuts. Instead, the site makes money from tips from satisfied customers. Payments between users are facilitated by Jumio and Dwolla. Aside from its trading system, Eborhood offers free listings for jobs, personals, businesses, and more. You can search the site by browsing or by map.

Based in Austin, Texas, Eborhood began after three of the four co-founders met on a highway. Babaria spotted a stranded Kali Donovan on the highway, and he stopped to follow the advice a monk had given him earlier that day: “Witness pain and relieve it. Good things will come.” Babaria and Donovan eventually flagged down Kyle Kothe. The three traded some items for help fixing the car, became friends, and later started Eborhood.

A safe and efficient service designed to simplify life for its users, Eborhood aims to bring real people together using real items, real services, and real connections.