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The world’s first smartphone breathalyzer, Alcohoot was created by entrepreneurs and former Israeli solders Jonathan Ofir and Ben Biron. During their time in the Israeli military a few years ago, they learned that among military deaths, more Israelis die in accidents (many of which are alcohol-related) than in combat. Biron never forgot about the harrowing statistic and continued to think about what he could do about drunk driving as he began college at North Carolina’s Wingate University, where the issue is prevalent as well. Thus, he and Ofir started Alcohoot.

Built to meet the standards of the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Transportation, the portable breathalyzer hardware connects to a smartphone and lets you check your blood alcohol content easily, instantly, and accurately. The Alcohoot mobile app not only shows your blood alcohol content but also tracks your daily and weekly consumption. Further, you can order a taxi and see which nearby restaurants are open using the app.

“This whole project and our whole mission is people’s safety,” says Ofir. “One thing that was really important to us was the accuracy and reliability of the product. For the past year, we’ve been working with different alcohol-sensing technologies and we came to the conclusion that going with the law enforcement grade fuel cell sensors was going to be the very best and most reliable accuracy.”

Ofir and Biron plan to start selling Alcohoot through their website by the summer after the FDA approves it. The breathalyzer will retail for $90, while the mobile app is free. According to Biron, he wants to change the breathalyzer’s police officer image and turn it into an essential item for a fun and responsible young person. Alcohoot has raised $100,000 from real estate mogul Caleb Koeppel and is currently seeking another $1.5 million.