Based in India, Whitenife is a luxury social venture committed to helping end the ivory trade. Though the Indian Wildlife Act of 1972 bans the selling and trading of ivory, elephant poaching is still prevalent. Traditionally, ivory was a symbol of wealth and social status. However, society’s definition of wealth has changed, and Whitenife allows its customers to express their awareness and concern towards elephant poaching with taste and elegance. Working under the guidance of leading government and animal welfare organizations, Whitenife offers a patented, mineral-based composite called Elfh that is 89 percent identical to elephant ivory. Like ivory, Elfh can be carved, polished, and drilled with minimal risk of breakage.

Whitenife provides Elfh as a base material in specified shapes and dimensions, as well as works with design teams and artisan communities to produce exclusive designs for clients. The company’s customers include families, boutique hotels, interior and fashion designers, and artists. Further, Whitenife promises to donate a percentage of its profits towards elephant adoption and habitat preservation.