Facebook has become the place where people post their kids’ pictures, but it wasn’t really built for (usually excessive) baby pic-sharing. As happy as your friends are for you, they’re not interested in seeing every photo of your children. And those who do want to see them, such as your parents, may miss some of the things you post due to the way the Facebook news feed is built. Enter Familio, a cross-platform app that allows for easy photo-sharing between family members and family members only.

Based in Israel, Familio was founded by Iftach Yair, who felt that Facebook wasn’t the right place for people to share photos of their kids. He also felt that there wasn’t a good and simple enough solution out there, so he set out to create Familio with his team.

Designed to make it possible for all members of the family to participate in Familio, the app is available on the web, mobile, desktop, and even digital TV.