Millions of women around the world have lost their hair due to chemo and radiation therapy. Every year, in the US alone, more than 750,000 women are diagnosed with some form of cancer, and about a third go through some form of chemo or radiation therapy. Hair loss is a common side effect that is especially upsetting for women, and nearly 10 percent of women choose not to receive treatment for fear of losing their hair.

Anjanette Dienne Sinesio has experienced firsthand the devastation cancer brings to a family. More than a decade ago, she lost her aunt, father, and grandfather to different forms of cancer within just two years. At the time, she was working in the jewelry industry marketing and selling luxury jewelry and diamonds to international clients, and while she loved her job, she was always looking for a way to do more with her life. She wanted to combine her love of design and fine jewelry with her strong desire to help others on a level that involved more than simply donating to charities. Losing her aunt, father, and grandfather led her to a “place of clarity,” and in early 2012, she founded SKY and LIVI, a personal diamond and jewelry company dedicated to empowering women who are battling cancer.


Based in Los Angeles, SKY and LIVI creates lab-grown diamonds produced from a lock of the customer’s hair, giving women the opportunity to transform what they’ve lost into a symbol of their strength, determination, and beauty. Just 2 grams of hair is needed to produce a personal SKY and LIVI diamond, which is grown in a lab in Russia. Each diamond is cut into the shape of the customer’s choice and certified by the International Gemological Institute. The diamond can also be set in an 18K white or yellow gold pendant by SKY and LIVI’s jewelers in LA.