The first and only successful franchised crime scene cleaning company in the world, Bio-One Inc. was founded by award-winning serial entrepreneur Nick-Anthony Zamucen. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Bio-One has franchises in 10 different states and is currently the world leader in bio-recovery. Zamucen, who heads the company as CEO, says he decided to franchise his business due to the fragmented and inconsistent nature of the crime and trauma scene cleaning industry. He saw how every crime scene cleaning company seemed to be doing things their own way, and most businesses failed within 6 to 12 months of opening. Despite being told by some leading industry figures that franchising a crime scene cleaning company was a waste of time and money and wouldn’t work, Zamucen went ahead with his plan, drawing on his experience in marketing, business strategy, and competition assessment.

Zamucen attributes Bio-One’s success to their attention to detail and professionalism. “Bio-One is very specific. We don’t paint with broad strokes to our franchisees when training and say, ‘it’s something like that,’ or ‘this might work in your area,’” he says. The company scouts each potential franchisee’s area before they make an investment to determine who their competitors are and who they specifically need to market to. Bio-One even trains franchisees on the best days and times to market. “We don’t guess here, we don’t throw things against a wall to see what sticks.”

Zamucen is also very picky about who he lets into the company, estimating that he accepts just 1 out of every 20 people who apply for a Bio-One franchise. He explains that the crime and trauma scene cleaning business isn’t merely about having a strong stomach – people who join this industry need to have a genuine desire to help. “Helping must be on your mind from the minute the phone rings,” says Zamucen. “We are dealing with people in the worst part or the worst day of their lives, and we need to have empathy for the situation.”