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Based in Richmond, Vermont, Clean Ethics is a social enterprise that makes uniquely formulated cleaners for drinking containers and beverage systems. Founders Seth Friedman and Justin Koehneke were fed up with less-than-fresh-tasting water, grimy hydration packs and water bottles, and the lack of non-toxic methods to clean them. After months of researching, formulating, and testing, they came up with Bottle Bright, biodegradable effervescent tablets that clean beverage containers safely and effectively. Bottle Bright’s non-toxic formula bubbles away grime in hard-to-clean beverage containers, breaking them down to inert natural substances.

Recognizing that dirty water vessels are a worldwide problem, Clean Ethics has launched the Clean in Kind program, which donates an equal amount of Bottle Bright to people in need with every pack of Bottle Bright sold. Though several organizations are working to create new sources of clean water in developing countries, dirty water containers are often overlooked. Clean Ethics aims to fill this “missing link” by providing a suitable means to clean the cans, jugs, and bottles that are used to store and transport drinking water.