If you love dogs and don’t have a lot of time to spare right now (boss needs that report, stat!), do not go to Pack. Okay, too late. You already clicked and are now browsing through the endless profiles of stinkin’ cute dogs. Wait, what?

Currently in private beta, Pack is a new social network for dog lovers. It’s a place where dog owners can make a beautiful online home for their pooch. It’s kinda like about.me, but for canines.

The startup was founded by Megan Casey, who previously started Squidoo with Seth Godin. “Our entire goal is to delight people. It is like dog owner’s paradise,” she says.

Dog owners can upload a photo of their dog and share some information about them such as breed, age, and birthday. Click the left and right navigation buttons on a dog’s page to discover more adorable pooches, and hit the “love” button on the lower right to show your appreciation for a dog.