Founded in 2004 by Rick Platt, Sky Zone is the world’s first indoor trampoline park. The patented walled playing courts house “a seemingly endless sea of trampolines,” all connected to form an expansive springy surface, as well as angled trampolines that allow jumpers to bounce off the walls. Sky Zone started out with one location in Las Vegas and now has nearly 40 locations throughout North America, including Phoenix, Sacramento, Miami, Des Moines, Kansas City, Boston, St. Louis, Sioux Falls, Houston, Toronto, and Ottawa.

Aside from freestyle jumping, visitors to Sky Zone can participate in 3D Dodgeball and Skyrobics classes. A low-impact fitness class, Skyrobics is a combination of core exercises, calisthenics, and strength building aerobics. Because the workout is performed on trampolines, it is intense and effective while being fun and easy on the joints. Sky Zone also offers programs for kids, including Toddler Time, SkyMania, and SkyCamp, where children take part in several instructor-led activities over the course of five and a half days.