Not every potential athlete is noticed by recruiting coaches and professional scouts, which is what almost happened to entrepreneur and former college baseball player Brenton Sullivan. Luckily for him, he walked onto the varsity baseball team at the University of Southern California and went on to obtain an athletic scholarship. Sullivan subsequently became obsessed with the recruiting process, working closely with his coaches and being mentored by some of the leading scouts in the US. Recognizing that the severe shortcomings of recruiting could be solved by the Internet, he and business school classmate Kai Sato created a business plan for an exclusive social network dedicated to sports recruiting. Their idea for a site that would connect trusted coaches and help teams find the right athletes easily was named “Best Business Plan” in USC’s entrepreneurial program.

Together with technology veterans Jeremy Weir and Cory Ducker, Sullivan and Sato founded FieldLevel in 2008. With FieldLevel, coaches can easily identify the best talent, while athletes are guided step by step through the recruitment process and ultimately discovered by coaches. The team’s first offering was a cloud-based software that let coaches store and access their private recruiting databases from any device, as well as prevented them from inadvertently committing NCAA recruiting violations. This was followed by a software that allowed junior colleges to guide their athletes to ideal playing opportunities at universities. FieldLevel’s exclusive social network for coaches and athletes launched in early 2012 and is now used by more than 70 percent of college programs. In addition, FieldLevel has received top honors from the American Baseball Coaches Association.

Because FieldLevel is utilized by collegiate and professional teams to find athletes more effectively, the site serves as the “first online gateway” for athletes to successfully move from high school to college and even professional sports. FieldLevel aims to become an essential resource for all professional and collegiate sports organizations and athletes worldwide.