Based in Chicago, Illinois, Inventables is an online “designers hardware store” that sells materials, machines, and parts in smaller sizes and quantities for individual designers and entrepreneurs. Launched in 2010, Inventables aims to ignite the product development shift from major corporations to small teams by simplifying the path from idea to finished product. Because it is more difficult for designers, artists, inventors, and custom manufacturers to source materials in small shapes and sizes for micro-production runs, Inventables offers the equipment and supplies they need in small quantities through its website. The company’s selection of about 30,000 products includes acrylic sheets, 3D printers, fabricating accessories, laser cutters, breadboards, and many more.

According to founder and CEO Zach Kaplan, Inventables is helping individuals and small companies manufacture and sell their own products without having to outsource production. Recently, the company raised $3 million in new funding, which will be used to expand its facility and engineering team.