Named after a Buddhist goddess who brings joy and fun into life, Fun-Wey Tutoring is a small tutoring company based in North Vancouver. Serving the North Shore since 2009, Fun-Wey was founded by Linda Greven to make learning fun and improve educational success for kids ages 7 to 17. Fun-Wey is different from most tutoring companies as it teaches not only study skills but also social and organizational skills – life skills that will serve children into adulthood.

Fun-Wey’s programs, which include ESL, French immersion, and one-on-one home tutoring, teach children how to enjoy learning. The company focuses entirely on what the child currently needs. For example, if a student has been struggling with math but has a big socials project coming up, Fun-Wey can help with that. Additionally, Fun-Wey teaches the whole child by helping kids set academic goals and understand how to achieve them; develop their own organization systems; organize their binders and workspaces; interact with teachers, counselors, and fellow students; and more.