Want to start a business but don’t know how? There’s an app for that. Founded by serial entrepreneur, developer, and marketer Alex Genadinik, Problemio is a startup that is dedicated to helping other companies succeed. Problemio currently offers a series of apps that teach aspiring entrepreneurs about general business fundamentals, covering topics such as business ideas, business planning, marketing, and fundraising.

Genadinik didn’t intend to start Problemio, though. Originally, he created a small business app for Android to teach himself how to make mobile apps. When he noticed that people were mostly using just the business planning feature of the app, he added more features to help entrepreneurs plan their businesses. This led to the creation of his first Android business planning app, which is presently one of the top-rated business apps on the platform. Genadinik subsequently noticed that people kept struggling with five major issues when it came to building a business – ideas, planning, marketing, fundraising, and legal. Since he wasn’t an attorney, Genadinik decided to make an app that focused extensively on each of the first four subjects. Recently, his four-app course was launched on Android, iOS, Kindle, and Nook.

Despite not knowing how to build mobile apps at first, Genadinik now has some popular apps to his name. His four-app course has received favorable ratings on Google Play, garnered some positive testimonials from users, and already helped plan more than 15,000 businesses. Genadinik attributes his strong entrepreneurial spirit to his sense of curiosity and competitiveness. “I have always been interested in pursuing my own ideas. That causes me to start projects and to spend my free time learning and exploring things,” he says. “But the difference is that it isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes things don’t work… I think being competitive helps me power through those times.”