Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, University Parent is the number one resource for college parents seeking information such as housing, important dates and events, establishments near campus, and more. Founded by Sarah Schupp, University Parent exists to help parents find what they need to help their college-age child succeed. Schupp and her team understand that being a college parent isn’t easy – one must find the perfect balance between being too overbearing and being too distant. Thus, they empower parents by providing the information they require to build healthy relationships with their child.

University Parent works directly with schools and local businesses to offer helpful and easy-to-use resources for college parents. According to the company, one of the best ways parents can assist their child is by guiding them to available resources on campus and in the local community. Additionally, studies indicate that parent engagement contributes to student success; hence, University Parent is committed to serving college parents across the US.