Founded in 2006, Brain Balance Achievement Centers are after-school learning centers that help children with learning and behavioral challenges such as ADHD, dyslexia, high functioning autism, Asperger’s, and more. Brain Balance Achievement Centers offer the proprietary, non-medical Brain Balance program, a drug-free and holistic approach that addresses the underlying issues in several behavioral, learning, and developmental disorders.

With 54 locations in the US, Brain Balance believes that the brain can be changed and that childhood disorders are not permanent. The Brain Balance program consists of academic and sensory-motor activities combined with simple dietary changes. Following an initial comprehensive assessment of the child, the Brain Balance team will create customized activity plans and dietary guidelines to help him or her achieve optimum brain and body function. The Brain Balance program is designed to improve academic performance, social abilities, cognitive function, sensory and motor skills, visual-spatial organizational skills, and immunity and nutritional health.