Based in Denver, Colorado, All the Above Clothing is dedicated to delivering fashion with a deeper meaning by supporting non-profits through high-quality and stylish apparel. Driven to support worthy charitable efforts by providing them with an additional platform and revenue stream, All the Above Clothing achieves this through its ATA Gives 10% and ATA Gives 100% programs.

As a for-profit company with giving as one of its core values, All the Above gives 10 percent of the profits of each item sold directly to a non-profit organization. Customers get to decide which charity receives the donation at checkout.

In ATA Gives 100%, 100 percent of profits are contributed to the featured cause or organization. Each product in the line is directly inspired by the charity it supports, and the inspiration of the design is printed on the product tag and on the inside of the shirt to remind the customer of the meaning behind the design.