Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Hearts is a conscious fashion company dedicated to designing products with a purpose. Working directly with 2,000 artisans and counting around the world, Hearts offers exclusively designed products that are “a synergy between artisan strengths and the natural materials their environments provide, along with the love and collaboration of our design team.” Coming from 17 countries and 16 states on 5 continents, Hearts products support people and the environment and positively impact world issues. Each item embodies many of the company’s 22 product values, including environmental sustainability, human rights, cultural awareness, renewable, upcycled, indigenous, handmade, fair trade certified, and traditional and cultural art.

Hearts measures its success based on the change it creates in the world. The company is committed to finding and supporting fine artisans and craftspeople, educating people about the effects of traditional consumerism on the planet, empowering everyone to practice conscious commerce, and protecting the well-being of the environment.