nb-pacific-kalePacific Northwest Kale Chips is a Portland, Oregon-based small-batch chip maker that aims to create the healthiest and best-tasting chips in the world while facilitating optimum health for its customers and the planet through good products and business practices. Co-founded by Sarah Pool and Ugyen Shola, the company was founded on the principles of delivering organic, sustainable, and locally sourced food combined with an artisan approach to flavor and texture. Available in five flavors, the chips are dried using low temperatures to ensure the preservation of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are destroyed in traditional cooking methods. In addition, 75 percent of the ingredients are sourced from local farms and suppliers and all products contain zero oils, sweeteners, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and animal ingredients.

As part of the real food movement, Pacific Northwest Kale Chips is focused on bridging the gap between organic, sustainable farms and their local communities. The company follows a business model where everyone benefits: farmers are paid fair prices, employees are offered living wages with profit sharing opportunities and paid volunteer days, consumers are let in on where their food comes from, and at least 10 percent of profits are donated to local charities. Pacific Northwest Kale Chips seeks to harness the power of business to address social and environmental issues and co-create a new way of doing business and a new economy.

To help strengthen the local community and local economy, Pacific Northwest Kale Chips keeps its operations within a 200-mile radius. The company also builds long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with farms and facilities by visiting them. Pacific Northwest Kale Chips is working towards becoming waste-free by implementing a recycling program with local farmers, donating food scraps to local farms for feed, and using non-toxic cleaning products and as many recyclable materials as possible.