In 2001, Christopher Daugherty got a call from Gordon, an old family friend and a pioneer of organic farming and farming technologies since the ’70s. Gordon’s college friend had a farm in Peru that had just been hit by a mudslide and gotten covered with six feet of dirt. To make lemonade out of lemons, they had the new soil certified organic so they could sell their pecans at a higher price. Gordon asked Christopher if he wanted to try selling organic Peruvian pecans. Christopher was up for the new venture, and Essential Living Foods was born.

The California-based company has since built on those first pecan shipments and is now one of the best suppliers of pure, high-quality, organic foods in the world. The Essential Living Foods team has traveled the globe to find the most unique, most nutritious, and sustainably farmed organic foods on the market, working closely with small farms and indigenous groups to provide customers with the best superfoods on Earth. An innovator in the superfood and raw food movements, Essential Living Foods was one of the first companies to bring goji berries into the United States and the first company to import verified raw chocolate.

Over the last 10 years, Essential Living Foods has incorporated a passion for sustainability, organics, and ultimate nutrition and has been on a mission to improve the health of people, communities, and the planet. Dedicated to fair, ethical, and holistic business practices, the company has implemented programs such as equitable trade, fair trade, education, training, and technology and agricultural systems upgrades to enhance its relationships with its farmers, suppliers, shippers, processors, warehouses, and customers.

Committed to maintaining a healthy and rewarding work environment for its employees and partners, Essential Living Foods gives back one percent of profits to the communities that supply its products.