As the owner of a retail business, Josh Gorrell was tired of losing customers to online stores. As a consumer, he hated searching and comparing products online. Like many, he wants a great deal but doesn’t want to spend forever looking for it. To solve his problems, he created PickYourBid, an e-commerce platform that connects consumers to retail businesses to give shoppers the best deal possible and put retailers back in the game.

Here’s how it works. Post the item you want to buy and PickYourBid will notify all the registered businesses that sell that type of item. Retailers compete for your business, sending you their best prices. You can specify if you want bids only from local businesses or those that sell nationwide. After viewing the bids on your dashboard, select the best deal and make your purchase. You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t see any offers you like. PickYourBid is free to use and charges the winning seller a small commission fee only when the deal is made.

Because the service is still in the growth stage, Gorrell and his team are recruiting businesses to ensure shoppers get enough bids when they post an item. “If you request a price on something and I don’t have 20 businesses in your area that give you that price, we’re calling,” he explains. “We’re calling businesses and saying, ‘Hey, someone in your area wants to buy something that you’re selling. Get on and give them a bid.’”

Gorrell, who lives in Kansas, says he made PickYourBid to make shopping easier for people and put local businesses in the loop. With PickYourBid, consumers can let the deals come to them instead of searching and comparing products and prices endlessly, while businesses receive leads for potential customers. Gorrell describes the process as “shopping backwards.”