Unilica is a social network for students, professors, staff, and alumni. Just like with Facebook, users can create a profile page, post updates, upload photos, communicate with others, and use hashtags. Unilica is more than a social network, though – it’s a virtual learning environment that helps students and instructors keep track of their courses, assignments, and grades; collaborate with other people; and share ideas and events.

On Unilica, students can track the courses they’re enrolled in, see important dates, submit assignments, view lecture materials, participate in course surveys, and work on a project with others. Professors can create and update courses, post new homework, upload lecture materials, and post grades.

Free for all educational institutions, Unilica aims to provide more powerful learning tools than static web pages and fragmented online message boards. With Unilica, users can access and see everything in one place, from classmates’ status updates to new assignments.