In 2006, Heikal Gani set out to buy his first suit. But after scouring local department stores and online shops, he couldn’t find anything that fit well or was within his budget, so he ended up buying a generic, off-the-rack garment that needed to be altered. Believing that there had to be a better way for men to shop for suits, Gani turned to best friend and classmate, Kyle Vucko. They agreed that custom made designer suits look and feel great but were too expensive. In addition, the fitting process was inconvenient.

nb-indochinoGani and Vucko decided to put their studies at the University of Victoria on hold to start a company that would change the way bespoke suits are made and sold. In 2007, the pair launched Indochino, an online service that provides high-quality custom menswear for less.

Based in Vancouver, Canada and Shanghai, China, Indochino makes it easy and affordable for modern gentlemen to dress stylishly. Customers measure themselves at home (or with the help of a friend) by following Indochino’s step-by-step video guides to set up their measurement profile, a process which takes less than 10 minutes. Indochino’s selection of suits, shirts, and accessories are updated every week, and men can customize their garments further by adding details such as monogramming and linings, free of charge.

All Indochino suits are hand-tailored and delivered from the company’s manufacturing facility in Shanghai to anywhere in the world for free within four weeks of ordering. By creating its own designs and cutting out the middlemen, i.e., the companies and individuals who purchase fabrics, manage suppliers, etc., Indochino is able to offer its products for a fraction of designer brand prices and pay its manufacturers fairly. Since its inception, Indochino has created customized apparel for thousands of men in 130 countries worldwide.