nb-worldclotheslineHeadquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, World Clothes Line is an apparel company on a mission to clothe the world. For every item purchased, World Clothes Line will donate the equivalent to someone in need in Indonesia, Peru, Africa, or the US. The company was founded in 2010 by Mallory Brown, who discovered how many people went without clean clothing every day during her travels. To her surprise, the folks she met asked for clothes instead of food or money. Upon returning to America, Brown decided to do something to help the people she had encountered.

“Clothing is one of our most basic human needs, ranking among air, food, water, and shelter,” says Brown. “However, in cases of extreme poverty, clothing is one of the first needs to be ignored.”

In September of 2010, World Clothes Line launched as an online clothing store. The company currently has four collections, each of which is designed specifically to represent its country/continent’s people and culture. Brown and her team travel around the globe to personally deliver fresh, clean clothes to those who need them most. All World Clothes Line products are sweatshop-free and manufactured in facilities that follow environmentally-friendly practices and pay workers fair wages.

Brown hopes that, within the next year, World Clothes Line would have clothed an entire village or area in each of its locations. She also wants to expand to other countries, as well as offer other types of apparel such as children’s clothes, jackets, scarves, hats, socks, and belts.

After three years of running World Clothes Line, Brown says the greatest lesson she’s learned is to never underestimate any relationship. “Some of the smallest relationships have turned out to be the biggest connections. Share your project with everyone you know, and you’ll be surprised who comes out of the woodwork.”