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Based in Smoketown, Pennsylvania, Imagine Goods is a social enterprise offering vintage-inspired apparel and home decor that provide jobs for marginalized and vulnerable individuals. Imagine Goods was founded in 2008 by friends Aiyana Ehrman and Michelle Kime, self-described “accidental entrepreneurs” who never really intended to go into business. After running a non-profit in Cambodia for a couple of years, the duo realized that giving people the opportunity to work and as a result giving them hope was the most empowering thing they could do for others.

nb-imaginegoodsImagine Goods exists to uplift people who are at risk and recovering from exploitation through dignifying employment. The company teams up with non-profit organizations that seek out, train, and employ marginalized and vulnerable workers around the world. In many cases, the money they earn from making Imagine Goods products is the first fair wage they’ve ever received.

At Imagine Goods, people are more important than the bottom line. Kime and Ehrman strive to take a close look at their entire production chain to ensure that everyone involved in making their products are being empowered and earning a living wage. The co-founders describe Imagine Goods as a sustainable supply company, because they believe that the cost of each item should be able to sustain every person connected to it with a living wage. They also travel to Cambodia together three times a year to really get to know the people who make their goods.

Imagine Goods is committed to creating products that care for the human race and give individuals a fighting chance to break the cycle of poverty. The Terra line features fabric hand-woven by Cambodian artisans using all-natural dyes. The Salvage + Design line comprises upcycled goods from previously worn jackets. The ReImagine line consists of upcycled products from discarded items as well as supports the charity Love146.