Sleeping Bags is a UK-based social enterprise that turns end-of-life luxury hotel bed linen into premium products such as bags, sleepwear, and soft furnishings. The company was founded by CEO Andy Marks, who had an a-ha moment on a Thai beach after a hotelier friend described how often luxury hotels retired bed linen. If laid end to end, the bed linen condemned by the top 300 hotel chains in one year would go around the world twice.

Marks started Sleeping Bags to reduce the amount of stuff going to landfill and change the way people see waste. Sleeping Bags doesn’t believe in waste and believes in saving resources where possible. Always striving to improve it products and the world, the company is also committed to total transparency and creating beauty. Artists that have collaborated with Sleeping Bags include Sir John Hegarty, Vicki Murdoch, Avsh Alom Gur, David McCandless, and Helen Bullock.