One of the UK’s leading online florists, Arena Flowers was launched in early 2006 after Will Wynne got fed up with the level of service and product quality being offered by existing online flower shops. Believing that flowers in the UK are overpriced and consumers are not getting what they deserve, Arena Flowers aims to provide flower lovers with an excellent quality product at a fair price – fair to the customer, the grower, and the company – as well as topnotch service and outstanding attention to detail. Arena Flowers accomplishes these goals by cutting out the wholesalers and middlemen and always striving to deliver the best possible experience to its customers.

Arena Flowers’ buying team purchases blooms from the Westland auction in Holland, the largest flower auction in the world. They not only look out for great deals for customers, but also ensure that the flowers meet the company’s quality standards and ethical policy. Consumers may not be aware that relay organizations like Interflora do not source their own flowers. Instead, they pass on the customer’s order to an unidentified partner and take a cut, and thus are unable to guarantee product’s freshness, quality, or provenance. By contrast, Arena Flowers seldom relays an order and only does so when they cannot fulfill it themselves.

Arena flower stems are purchased, conditioned, and brought to the UK within 18 hours of being cut. The company keeps storage as short as possible to deliver the freshest flowers to its customers. Since its inception, Arena Flowers has sent more than a million bouquets. The company has won a number of awards over the years, including the 2008 Silver Gilt medal at the Royal Horticultural Society’s flower show and being named to the 2010 Smarta 100 list. Arena Flowers is also the first UK florist to sell Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFP) Organisation products. FFP monitors ethical and environmental standards in the flower industry, from grower to consumer.