Kids grow up really fast. Suddenly, their clothes don’t fit anymore. And they want new, “big boy” or “big girl” toys. To help make things a little easier for parents, BabyJunk lets moms and dads buy, sell, and trade new and gently used kids’ stuff on a private online marketplace. From clothes to feeding products to bedding to toys, BabyJunk has hundreds of items for infants and young children. Members can browse the site quickly using customizable tags, search terms, and large visuals, then pay for items using a credit or debit card, BabyJunk credits, or cash.

BabyJunk promotes local buying and selling, encouraging members to meet at a convenient spot in their community to pick up purchases. Buying local supports the community and eliminates the hassle of shipping, as well as gives members the opportunity to meet other like-minded parents in their neighborhood.

BabyJunk is a place for parents who want the best, which doesn’t always mean brand new, for their children.