Based in California, Let’s Play in Spanish is an award-winning language immersion program dedicated to teaching Spanish to children in a fun, musical, and interactive way. Created by native Peruvian, educator, singer-songwriter, and puppeteer Susy Dorn, Let’s Play in Spanish harnesses the power of music and laughter to help kids learn Spanish quickly while having fun. The Let’s Play approach mimics native language acquisition ā€“ during classes, children interact with other kids, create arts and crafts, watch puppet shows, and sing along with their teachers. By simply being immersed and consistently talking, singing, and playing in Spanish in a pressure-free environment, students end up loving the language and feel comfortable using it.

Dorn, who has been teaching Spanish and entertaining kids in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 10 years, held the first Let’s Play in Spanish classes in 2000 at a friend’s home. Today, Let’s Play has classrooms in three locations ā€“ Campbell, Mountain View, and San Francisco. Classes include Mommy and Me, Preschool, and After School. Let’s Play also offers summer camps and an in-school program that is available in over 20 Bay Area schools. Further, Let’s Play has created The Gift of Spanish CD, DVD, and workbooks set to facilitate home learning.

In designing the Let’s Play curriculum, Dorn drew on her background in child development education, love of children, and experience in music and theater. Students sing along to Dorn’s original songs, which have simple and easy-to-remember melodies and lyrics. By combining a scientific approach with music and entertainment, Dorn has created interactive Spanish immersion programs for kids that are second to none. Let’s Play is a consistent Bay Area Parent Family Favorite awardee, while The Gift of Spanish has received the National Parenting Publications, TilliWig Brain Child, and Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children’s Products honors.