nb-alexvonSince 2010, alex+von has been creating a fabulous new way for women to work from home. The Palo Alto, California-based company gives women the opportunity to make money selling products from socially responsible boutique brands. Representing one or more brands, women recommend and sell products they are truly passionate about in person, online, and via home parties.

With a passion for well-crafted products and socially responsible companies, alex+von partners with the best organic and natural beauty and personal care brands that were founded by ardent entrepreneurs who believe in doing good business. Every brand offered by alex+von has been tested and researched carefully, from the ingredients used to the manufacturing process. Additionally, alex+von seeks out companies that do not test on animals, give back to the community, and actively work to reduce their environmental impact. Brands include 100% Pure, Episencial, Good for You Girls, Original Moxie, and Trillium Organics. alex+von and its partners strive to source and manufacture all or most products within the US, minimize their carbon footprints, and support the community through product and monetary donations.

alex+von’s mission is to help all Americans live healthier, happy lives. The company accomplishes this by consciously supporting small businesses that create eco-friendly products using ingredients that are safe for both people and the planet. alex+von’s products are free of ingredients that are endocrine disruptors, harm the environment, and possibly cause cancer, including BHA, BHT, coal tar dyes, DEA, parabens, parfum, PEG compounds, petrolatum, and sodium laureth sulfate. Moreover, alex+von offers a selection that allows families of all income levels to have access to healthier products.

More than just a new shopping experience, alex+von is building a community of vendors, sellers, and consumers committed to each other’s well-being. The 500 Startups company is also dedicated to exceptional service, financial sustainability, and transparency.