Founded in 2000 by Yasin Rahim, BrainCert is an e-learning platform that makes it easy to learn and teach on the web. Instructors and organizations can create and deliver personalized content in minutes with tools such as online tests, interactive virtual classrooms, e-learning courses, and content publishing. Meanwhile, students can enroll in various online tutorials and courses and learn from the best instructors at their own pace.

Over the years, BrainCert underwent several changes and subsequently perfected its state-of-the-art online test engine technology. In 2007, BrainCert was relaunched as a more sophisticated platform to meet the needs of modern education. Today, BrainCert allows users to publish content on the Internet, conduct live online classes and conferences, and create feature-rich online assessments with ease.

Rahim, who serves as CEO of BrainCert, started the company to make online education more accessible, useful, and effective. He envisions a future where everyone has access to education.