General Contractor Kevin Craffey, whose firm Craffey & Co., Builders Inc., serves the commercial retail industry, was instrumental in establishing a hospitality internship program for students in the Whitefield, New Hampshire, schools. Mountain View Academy garnered wide praise as the site of the first public-private partnership project of its kind in the area’s educational system. Kevin Craffey and Mountain View Development, the firm he ran from 1999 to 2005, served as a major influence in the Whitefield region in other areas as well, employing hundreds of staff and restoring a large hotel complex in the White Mountains.

As a professional in the building trades, Kevin Craffey understands the needs of multiple industries, from hotels and hospitality to big box retail stores and shopping malls. The hospitality field can be a particularly rewarding one, and internship programs such as the one he spearheaded in New Hampshire offer an excellent opportunity for young people to explore the career.

The multi-billion-dollar American hospitality industry is wide-ranging, and includes not only accommodations but food and beverage service and recreational sites. Students can enter the administrative side of the business, or focus on customer service, marketing, and maintenance. An internship provides the chance to refine the social skills that are crucial for a job in this field, and to learn about day-to-day business procedures, conference organization, and event planning. Students in programs like that initiated by Kevin Craffey will gain practical, meaningful work experiences to add to their resumes when they begin any subsequent job search.

Numerous opportunities exist outside the borders of the United States as well. U.S. students and recent graduates can access a variety of placement websites to enter bilingual hospitality internships in countries such as Spain, Chile, and Hong Kong. Countries with a popular outdoor culture, such as Australia, also offer programs focused on sports.

With three businesses now based in the Boston area, Kevin Craffey continues to focus on working with clients throughout New England and the nation.