Based in Chicago, Illinois, Greenola Style is a Fair Trade organization changing women’s lives through fashion. Greenola Style’s clothes, jewelry, and accessories are produced using traditional techniques and materials by Bolivian artisans, all of whom are paid a living wage higher than their country’s minimum wage. Greenola Style has partnered with non-profit organization Solidarity Bridge to empower its artisans and help them rise above poverty.

Greenola Style works mostly with women who are otherwise without voice or opportunity. According to statistics, women are more likely than men to be poor, marginalized, and at risk for hunger. However, giving them the opportunity to be financially independent creates a ripple effect throughout their communities. When a woman has access to education and health care, she will stand up to violence, assert her reproductive rights, and pass on positive values to her children.

The story of Greenola Style began with founder Jen Moran’s desire to find her own life purpose. While studying fine art at Ohio State University, shnb-greenolae decided to drop out of school and move to the Colorado mountains in search of adventure. To support her new life, she began working at Starbucks and was managing her own store within two years.

Moran first learned about the concept of Fair Trade at Starbucks and began questioning if the organization was doing enough for the movement. After leaving the coffee giant, she obtained a business degree from DePaul University. Moran subsequently connected with a local non-profit that provided medical training and care in Bolivia. The people at the non-profit liked her ideas of social entrepreneurship and invited her to visit the country with them. Walking through the local artisan markets, Moran knew she had found her life purpose. She started Greenola Style to celebrate discovery and the strong, beautiful women she met on her travels.