Created in Cleveland, Ohio by Cherie Greenwald, NamaSTAY is an innovative yoga towel that always stays flat on the mat. Made from 100 percent recyclable microfiber fabric, NamaSTAY has sleeves to hug yoga mats and prevent bunching. An avid yogi who regularly practices hot yoga, Greenwald noticed her fellow yogis continuously getting distracted by their yoga towels and having to smooth them out.

With NamaSTAY yoga towels, yogis no longer have to deal with sweaty yoga mats or towels that keep bunching up. The quick-drying, lightweight, and extremely absorbent towel allows for a safe practice and lets yogis focus on their poses instead of their towel.

NamaSTAY is dedicated to helping eradicate homelessness by supporting the Coalition for the Homeless. A portion of all proceeds from NamaSTAY yoga towels go toward the organization. NamaSTAY has also been featured in VIP gift baskets to benefit Russell Simmons’ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation.