Saving the World Apparel (STWA) is a socially responsible clothing company based in Jeffersonville, Vermont. Korey Johnson and David Barton founded STWA on the idea that ethical and compassionate business practices can make the world a better place. STWA donates set dollar amounts to charity for every item sold, making it easy for consumers to give back. The company believes that style shouldn’t be sacrificed when sporting apparel and accessories that support an important cause.

Saving the World Apparel offers the latest in sustainable clothing and accessories for “a new generation of passionate free thinkers and social activists.” Products include bamboo dresses, biodegradable iPhone cases, yoga pants, and more. Everything is made in the US or Canada and 100 percent sweatshop-free. Additionally, designs are hand-printed in Vermont using water-based, eco-friendly dyes.

STWA wants to help great non-profits continue making a difference in the world. Each partner charity has been carefully researched and analyzed to ensure donations will have a positive impact.