nb-fearlessFearless is a San Francisco-based company that crafts inspired superfood chocolate bars. Starting out of a home kitchen in 2006, Fearless uses the finest cacao from Fazenda Camboa, a family-owned farm that is one of only a few 100 percent organic cacao plantations in Bahia, Brazil. Fearless chocolate is 100 percent certified organic, kosher, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. Unlike traditional chocolate that is roasted at high temperatures, Fearless chocolate is gently dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve maximum nutrition and flavor. Studies have shown that the roasting process can reduce cacao’s nutritional qualities. Thus, with both health and flavor in mind, Fearless has developed its chocolate crafting process to eliminate moisture without affecting the nutrition or flavors of raw cacao.

Fearless chocolate is processed in small batches and infused with ethically traded superfoods to create unique and dynamic flavors such as Exploding Coconuts, Sweet & Hot Hibiscus Ginger, and Super Seeds Crunch. At the same time, recipes are kept simple to allow each ingredient to shine naturally.

“Fearless” is more than just the company’s name; it is an expression of the organization’s approach to life and business. The chocolate is intended to be an energizing companion to the dreamer and doer in every team member. Fearless is committed to honoring the environment, the integrity of its product, its community from farm to table, and to be “brazenly virtuous.” Each bar of Fearless chocolate has a distinctive “bite” shape that represents the company’s Bite Back program, which allocates a bite-size portion of proceeds to changemakers nominated by customers. The bite is not an actual bite, but rather a symbol of the program to give back to those who support positive change and live fearlessly. Fearless chocolate bars are still a full 2 oz. bar and no chocolate is missing from the parcel.