In 2009, moms Naomi Bloomstein and Sarah Wuttke came together to help launch a campaign to save a local playcenter they frequented with their children. During that time, they experienced firsthand the magic of moms working together. The pair subsequently came across social buying and loved the concept, so they decided to bring great family-friendly deals to moms, dads, and families with kids aged 0-16 years. The result is LittleBird, a London-based website that helps families save money and discover new ideas for days out at up to 80 percent off.

Each deal is handpicked by the LittleBird team, and helping them out is a growing network of Local LittleBirds who source and identify great deals they would like to see, ensuring parents and families get daily deals they’ll want to buy. From fun activities to cool products, LittleBird provides families with the best things to do, see, and eat in town.