Based in Lincolnshire, England, Education Quizzes is a website that helps students revise (study) at home for national curriculum subjects. Education Quizzes makes revision challenging yet fun for KS2, 11-Plus, KS3, GCSE, and ESL students through fast online quizzes written and proofread by experienced teachers. Since launching in March of 2012, the site has attracted thousands of regular monthly subscribers. Subscription costs £5 per month and provides access to all quizzes in all curricula. Users can cancel at any time, as there is no minimum subscription period.

Co-founded by Colin King, Education Quizzes aims to help students make the best possible use of their revision time. The Education Quizzes team knows students face two main problems when studying: lack of time and lack of concentration. Thus, all quizzes on the site are in multiple choice format, the most efficient revision tool available. Multiple choice quizzes enable students to play about 15 quizzes (150 questions) in half an hour, as well as keep their focus from wandering by challenging the mind every few seconds. Quiz scores and dates played are automatically recorded, allowing students and their parents to track their progress.

Educational Quizzes covers more subjects than any other educational site, including English, science, maths, geography, and history. The material is contributed by several enthusiastic teachers who teach the subjects on a daily basis.

Aside from students and parents, Education Quizzes is useful to teachers, who can have their classes play the online quizzes as homework. Teachers get access to an online report showing the record of each student. The service is free for the first year and £60 per year for each class thereafter.

Despite competition from BBC’s Bitesize website, Education Quizzes has gained much popularity among students throughout the country. King is confident the startup will be the dominant player in the market within the next two years.