Headquartered in Mexico City, KidZania is an indoor theme park where kids ages 4 to 12 can role-play traditionally adult activities. At KidZania, children perform “jobs” and earn kidZos, which they can use to buy products and services around the park. KidZania is a kid-sized city complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles, a functioning economy, and establishments such as a hospital, bank, beauty salon, fire station, radio station, pizzeria, theater, television station, supermarket, and more. Here, children get to pick and act out their dream job, including doctor, journalist, fireman, police officer, shopkeeper, dentist, chef, and restaurateur. There are nearly 100 roles of various difficulties to choose from to keep every child challenged and entertained.

The KidZania experience begins at the airport. Once kids arrive at KidZania, they choose an occupation, learn about their job, put on a uniform, and start earning kidZos. The official currency of KidZania, kidZos are recognized at every KidZania location throughout the world. Children open their own personal savings account at the KidZania bank on their first visit and receive kidZos in cash and a working debit card. They can play or shop with their kidZos or save a portion for future visits. Trained adults or “zupervisors” are present to introduce and guide children through each activity. All activities at KidZania are completely hands-on to provide the most engaging and contextual learning experience. While kids are having fun, they are also learning about how society works, adult professions, financial literacy, independence, teamwork, self-esteem, and real-life skills.

KidZania is the brainchild of Mexican entrepreneur Xavier López Ancona, who has always been passionate about educating and entertaining children. The first KidZania park opened in 1999 in Santa Fe, Mexico and exceeded all expectations during its first year, attracting almost 800,000 visitors. There are currently 14 KidZania locations around the globe, with more being built or planned. To date, KidZania has entertained over 25 million people worldwide.