Friends of the Web makes web and mobile applications that are “meticulously built and thoughtfully designed.” Based in Baltimore, Maryland, the software development company is driven by great design, quality, and an integrated approach. Friends of the Web builds its own products from the ground up and recognizes that digital products and services are never “done.” Since its inception in 2011, Friends of the Web has worked with brands and businesses such as eBay, Figure 53, Red Owl Analytics, Google, Jones Falls Furniture Co., Type Supply, House Industries, El Creative, and more.

Services offered by Friends of the Web include product design and development, app icon design and product branding, early phase prototyping, and consulting. Friends of the Web has experience building functional websites and apps, creating prototypes for new or revised products, and turning an app or website into a brand. The company is run by a small, interdisciplinary team comprising software developers, graphic designers, one English major, one type designer, and one astrophysicist.