Natural Evolution, Inc. is an electronics recycling company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Founded in 2002 by Traci Phillips, the Native American, woman-owned company provides recycling services to a wide range of customers, from individual consumers and small businesses, to Fortune 100 companies and business enterprises, to city state and federal government agencies, to tribal nations and non-profit organizations. Natural Evolution is dedicated to handling the electronic waste stream in the most efficient way while minimizing its carbon footprint. Natural Evolution stands out in the industry due to its commitment to use less energy in its processes and transportation of materials and equipment.

The National Safety Council predicts that more than 300 million personal computers, including 150 million obsolete units currently sitting in storage, will have to be recycled over the next 4 years. But according to the Environmental Protection Agency, 80 percent of all discard computer systems will end up in landfills – a disturbing statistic, given that computers contain hazardous materials such as lead. Natural Evolution aims to reduce the negative impact of computers and electronics on the environment by following a “zero landfill, zero prison labor, and zero international dumping” policy. In addition, Natural Evolution safeguards its customers’ information by sanitizing hard drives using methods that conform to US Department of Defense standards, and has been third-party audited by a digital forensic company.

Natural Evolution’s customer-focused business model, dedication to data security, and economically and environmentally sensible methods of recycling have led it to earn commendations from the Oklahoma Minority Supplier Development Council, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, and Metropolitan Environmental Trust, among others. E-Steward, IS14001, R2, Hubzone, and TERO certified, Natural Evolution is a member of the Tulsa Better Business Bureau, Oklahoma Star Program, American Indian Chamber of Commerce, Oklahoma Recycling Association, New Mexico Indian Chamber of Commerce, and more.