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nb-soradofarmEast Japan Railway Company and station entertainment company Ekipara have teamed up to give busy commuters a chance to commune with nature in the midst of their hectic days. The Soradofarm project has placed rooftop gardens on top of train stations around Japan and anyone, from new farmers to expert green thumbs, can rent an allotment to grow their own vegetables. For about ¥100,450 per year, users get 3 square meters of land and access to gardening tools and equipment. Those who would like to ensure the success of their garden can pay more to receive expert advice and have their plots weeded on a regular basis.

There are currently five Soradofarms across the country – Ebisu, Toda, Lumine, Takasaki, and Celeo. Ebisu in Tokyo is the largest Soradofarm, spanning 161 square meters. East Japan Railway Company plans to open a rooftop garden on top or near all of its stations down the line.