nb-freedom Based in New York, Freedom of Animals is a sustainable and ethical luxury bag line made in the USA and without any animal materials. Founded in 2012 by stylist Morgan Bogle and her photographer boyfriend Scott MacDonough, Freedom of Animals seeks to provide conscious consumers with distinct and purposeful designs that are cruelty-free. Combining form, function, and style, the company’s products are made with the highest quality, eco-friendly materials to offer more ethical choices in the luxury accessories market. The young brand has already gained celebrity fans such as Anne Hathaway, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kerry Washington.

nb-freedom2Bogle and MacDonough decided to start an ethical accessories line as animal skin is usually the default material for bags and shoes. After years of research, they have found a more sustainable fabrication that is just as luxurious. While they look and feel like leather, Freedom of Animals bags use EPA-approved fabrics and materials such as post-consumer polyurethane and organic cotton. A safer alternative to PVC, polyurethane is not filled with harsh chemicals, does not emit carcinogenic dioxin, and requires 70 percent less energy than other synthetic fabrics to finish. Furthermore, all Freedom of Animals products are lined with organic cotton and plastic water bottle lining, have recycled hardware, and are colored with recycled vegetable-based dyes.

Freedom of Animals was born out of the couple’s love for animals. “We got to the point where we felt that all our volunteering with animals – taking dogs in and working at wildlife sanctuaries – wasn’t enough,” explains Bogle.

The company also respects nature and thus uses only sustainably sourced materials from vendors who use green facilities and practice environmentally friendly production when possible. Additionally, a percentage of profits is donated to wildlife conservation efforts.

“What you purchase and consume is the biggest voice that you have in the world – the biggest way to make a change,” says Bogle. “We hope to give people an option to participate in positive change.”