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nb-avilan2Diamonds are generally regarded as a physical representation of human love and commitment. The process of mining these gems, however, is an entirely different story. Diamond mining has a huge negative impact on the environment and societies. To uncover a diamond, a staggering amount of earth must be moved – over 1,750 tons of earth and ore are extracted to find one carat’s worth of rough diamond. This requires large quantities of energy, water, and petroleum, and vast areas of important habitat for animals and vegetation are cleared to build new roads and infrastructure. Additionally, such methods unearth toxic materials and cause water and air pollution, potentially altering ecosystems for at least decades to come and contributing to climate change.

Diamond mining has also led to corruption and violations of basic human rights. Diamond profits fund wars and support rape, murder, child labor, and other atrocities – this is where the terms “blood diamond” and “conflict diamond” come from. In fact, the number of deaths caused by diamond-fueled civil wars is 8 times greater than all US military deaths from the past 70 years. In 2003, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KP) was launched to regulate the diamond mining industry. However, the KP has several loopholes and its requirements are difficult to enforce. Meanwhile, diamonds that are marketed as “conflict-free” are still obtained via operations that devastate the environment.

nb-avilanFounded in 2010, Avilan is the first and only provider of truly ethical, responsibly sourced diamonds that are upcycled from the existing world inventory. By buying and selling post-consumer diamonds. Avilan prevents the need for newly mined gems. The Scottsdale, Arizona-based company’s Storied Diamond is the world’s only third-party certified responsibly sourced diamond, as guaranteed by Scientific Certification Systems.

Standing for sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible practices in the diamond business, Avilan is committed to creating positive change in the industry by breathing new life into previously owned diamonds. Moreover, Avilan donates a percentage of each purchase and sale to charity partners that share its mission.