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Headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, Swiftwick designs and manufactures athletic performance socks that are made in the USA. Since its inception, Swiftwick has aimed to be the leader in sock technology while creating a culture based on sustainability, social responsibility, and superior customer service.

Swiftwick’s Performance line socks are knitted at 200 needles, the highest density available. A higher needle count means a tighter knit, which keeps out trail debris or foreign material that cause irritation and blistering. A tight knit also creates a second skin feel, prevents bunching or shifting, eliminates the risk of friction blisters, and makes shoes fit more comfortably. Moreover, Swiftwick’s high-gauge construction produces a softer, denser, and more durable garment that doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently.

Swiftwick socks are made from either Merino wool or olefin. The latter is the only Nobel Prize-winning fiber, which retains less than 0.01 percent of its weight in moisture. The company has decided to carry out all production in Tennessee for improved quality control, from materials to finished product.

Every Swiftwick sock is a compression sock, including the lower cut styles. While other companies focus on the region from the ankle to the knee, Swiftwick has developed the managed compression concept, addressing the entire foot bed first and providing a targeted compression value where it matters most. Compression improves blood flow and circulation, extending an athlete’s endurance and peak performance. The socks are measured and tested independently by as many as three different laboratories and worn by all types of athletes, from golfers to hockey players to triathletes to amputees. Swiftwick’s sponsored athletes include racer and kayaker Ian Adamson, ultra runner Pedro Maksimow, and Pittsburgh Penguins left wing Steve Sullivan.

Swiftwick strives to deliver a better experience for athletes by focusing on creating the best environment for the feet. The company is driven by technology, excellence, and treating people right.