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FoxyCart is an online shopping cart platform created by developers for developers. FoxyCart’s mission is to provide web professionals with a powerful, secure, flexible, and enjoyable e-commerce platform that they can use to deliver more profitable e-commerce sites to their merchant clients. The company’s focus on serving developers who in turn serve merchants is a unique approach that was born out of co-founder and CEO Brett Florio’s own frustration with existing solutions about 10 years ago.

As a developer, Florio built sites and wanted an e-commerce platform that worked with him and what he already knew. From 2004 to 2005, he tried every e-commerce option available and grew to dislike them all. Every platform he tried forced him to relearn the basics and left him with an antiquated site that was “a bear to maintain and a beast to customize.” Florio kept waiting for “the Holy Grail of e-commerce.” One day, he realized that nobody else was going to build it, so he proposed the idea to FoxyCart co-founder and CTO Luke Stokes, who agreed to it and believed they could pull it off in a weekend.

FoxyCart launched a year later in 2007, albeit accidentally. Because the signup form was public and ranked high in Google, Florio and Stokes got their first paying user earlier than expected. Even the name “FoxyCart” wasn’t intended to be used officially – it was the co-founders’ codename for the project. But since all the .com domains for every other idea they had were already taken, they decided to keep the moniker.

Since then, FoxyCart has grown from a bootstrapped startup to a profitable and debt-free company. Used by thousands of merchants worldwide from small businesses to Fortunte 500 companies, FoxyCart lets anyone sell any product to any customer on any device. Users create and manage multiple stores from one dashboard and only pay when their site is ready to go live. FoxyCart offers low transaction fees and unlimited everything, including products, bandwidth, shipping options, coupons, store administrators, support, and more.