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Planet Fitness is a national gym chain with locations across America. Known for its affordable memberships, Lunk Alarm, and Judgement Free Zone, Planet Fitness provides a high-value, non-intimidating fitness environment where anyone can improve themselves. Planet Fitness strives to create a unique environment where everyone can be comfortable and has therefore established a Judgement Free Zone that fosters long-term, active lifestyles. The Judgement Free Zone philosophy means that anyone can get in shape while relaxing and having fun, without being subjected to “gymtimidation.” Lunky behavior such as grunting, dropping weights, and being intimidating are not permitted in Planet Fitness clubs, as this type of conduct is one of the main reasons why so many people hesitate to set foot inside a gym.

Planet Fitness is a place where everyone can feel at ease, no matter what their fitness goals are. At Planet Fitness, members are encouraged to go at their own pace and just do their own thing.