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Headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, Redbox is a movie and video game rental company with 35,900 locations in the United States and hundreds more in Canada. The fast, fun, and easy way to rent the top new-release movies and video games, Redbox stores are actually fully automated kiosks housing up to 200 titles and 630 discs within a 12-square-foot space. Redbox kiosks are located across every state in America, in leading grocery stores, drugstores, restaurants, mass merchant retailers, convenience stores, and even popular national landmarks such as the Willis Tower in Chicago and the Empire State Building in New York City. More than 68 percent of the US population lives within a 5-minute drive of a Redbox kiosk.

nb-redboxRedbox offers a wide selection of the latest-release movies and video games, as well as popular classics and family favorites. Customers can rent movies on DVD and Blu-ray Discs at an affordable price and games for Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation 3 for as low as $2 per day. To ensure a title of choice is available for pickup, customers can make a reservation via the web or the Redbox mobile app.

Redbox was founded in 2002 by McDonald’s Ventures to make renting movies more convenient for consumers. The first Redbox kiosks were placed in McDonald’s restaurants. In late 2005, Redbox became a separate company and began expanding beyond Mickey D’s. The following year, Redbox kiosks appeared in convenience stores, grocery stores, drugstores, and mass merchant retailers. By 2007, Redbox rented its 38 millionth movie and was the 5th largest movie rental company in the country.

In 2010, Redbox rented its 1 billionth disc. The same year, the company began renting out Blu-ray Discs, testing video games, and was named one of “America’s Hottest Brands” by Advertising Age. Redbox has rented over 3 billion discs to date, making it the country’s leading source for entertainment.