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Inspired by the streets of Paris, Landeau is a new and different kind of online flower shop based in Vancouver, Canada. With a focus on luxurious simplicity, Landeau eliminates the hubbub of the flower-buying process by limiting its offerings to only three bouquets. No size options, no balloons, no chocolates, no stuffed bears. Just three colors of 22 to 25 hand-tied roses, packaged immaculately in high-quality tissue and Landeau’s signature box.

Launched just a few months ago, Landeau was founded by Trevor Patterson, who used to send a lot of flowers to someone he was seeing while he was living overseas. He wasn’t happy with buying flowers online, however, as florists’ websites typically offered too many choices and there was no guarantee that what was delivered would be exactly what he ordered.

So after returning to Vancouver, Patterson decided to start an online flower shop that would help rather than confuse newbie flower shoppers, especially men. He registered the company name on New Year’s Day and soft-launched on Mother’s Day. As “the florist with an unorthodox view,” Landeau is an upmarket brand putting a modern twist to classic European archetypes. This is evident in the custom packaging and branded stationery that come with each bouquet.

“I spent a lot of time in Paris – I was so in awe of the packaging they had. You could buy a $5 package of macaroons, and it would come in a Louis Vuitton box,” says Patterson.

Of course, style, branding, and packaging are useless if the flowers aren’t beautiful and fresh. Landeau promises to send roses that are full of life on the date of delivery and guarantees that its blooms will look great for at least three days if put in fresh water right away. Two packages of flower food are also included to extend the life of the bouquet.