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Named one of “12 Very Useful Apps for Getting Stuff Done at Work” by Business Insider, MailTracker lets you see when an email you sent has been opened by the recipient. Not only that, MailTracker tells you where your email was viewed, on what device it was opened, how many times it was read, and how long the recipient looked at it.

MailTracker is not a mail app; instead, it works with your iPhone’s regular email app. Send emails like you normally do and get real-time notifications from MailTracker, which currently supports Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, Outlook, Hotmail, Google Apps Business, and custom IMAP/SMTP accounts.

Co-founded by Chris Nguyen and Lee Liu, MailTracker exists to solve a simple problem – uncertainty when you send emails. Say you applied for a job. If the employer viewed your email three times for a minute, it’s likely that they’re interested in hiring you. And according to the San Francisco-based startup, MailTracker can also be used to prevent scams. For example, if you inquired about an apartment in California but your email was opened in Nigeria, that should raise a red flag.

MailTracker utilizes the same technology that marketers have been employing for the last 20 years. The app inserts a tiny, transparent image into the email with a unique name. When the email gets opened, the recipient’s device has to retrieve the pixel by following the link to the server it’s stored on, which lets the server know that the email has been viewed.

“It’s fun, because it’s so simple, but so valuable in the right use cases for consumers,” says Nguyen.

MailTracker is free for the first two email accounts, and Android and desktop versions are coming next. It has been featured on TechCrunch, The Guardian, Cult of Mac, Lifehacker, Tech Cocktail, and more.